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Boots Campaign Has The Solution 

Our Sole Mission is to Get Veterans Back to Work
At Boot Campaign our mission is to cultivate awareness, promote patriotism and provide support for our military past, present and future. Our new jobs program, Boots at Work, was created as a response to the growing difficulty that our veterans face when trying to transition into the civilian workforce.

Straight Path for Employers

Boots at Work is a super simple recruiting tool that gives employers a way to connect with veterans who fit their requirements. Utilizing unique search criteria, employers quickly identify applicants with the exact skills, availability and experience needed …no job post required.

Short Cut for Veterans 

Instead of filling out application after application, repeating the same information over and over again….Boots at Work creates one unique profile that highlights the veteran’s experience and employment preferences to hundreds of hiring managers!

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The Lone Star Veterans Association is proud to a partner with the Boot Campaign and their veteran career program, Boots At Work.

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