Manual Machinist (Lathe operator, Drill Operator, Press Operator)

February 27, 2018
Job Description

Purpose of Position
This position is an introductory position to the manufacturing process and is essential for processing, developing and completing customer’s orders in a timely and accurate manner. This position may include introduction to operational activities of the Press, Drill, Bore, Hone, Turn departments include labor intensive activities such as removing shavings, cleaning equipment and machinery, handling parts and use of hoists/cranes and rigging.

Key elements and requirements
This position:
Is a full-time non-exempt (hourly) position and is established on at will basis.
Requires very little to no experience 0-1 year
Is not a position of supervision.
Requires adherence to hours and scheduling established by the Facility Manager
Requires adherence to all established written and communicated policies.
Requires the ability to read and write in English
Hours will vary in accordance with Customers request.
Requires routine lifting of heavy objects.
Requires pro-longed standing.
Requires conducting activities with exposure to various weather elements and ambient exterior temperatures.

Protective Toed Boots, 30′ tape measure

Long pants (in good repair), shirt (with sleeves), Loose Clothing and long hair must be secured, Jewelry is not to be worn, Safety glasses or face shields (when appropriate), ANSI approved footwear with protection above the ankle, and ear protective devices (when appropriate), Gloves when handling material (Never around rotating parts or equipment).

This position reports directly to the Department Lead. This position requires interaction with other company personnel and may require minimal interaction with vendors and sub-contractors.

Primary Responsibility
This position is responsible for the control of equipment, tools and material that are utilized. This position conducts tasks as directed and communicates any and all issues to the Department Lead, Lead Supervisor, Facility Manager, Quality Department and/or Safety Department as needed to address any issues

Specific Responsibilities
1. Conducts operational activities on specific equipment as directed by the Department Lead.
2. Evaluates and obtains the tools and equipment to accomplish assigned tasks.
3. Prepare tools, equipment and material for use as directed by the Department Lead.
4. Responsible for inspecting and maintaining the equipment that is being utilized.
5. Ensures equipment is in appropriate working condition prior to operating. Repair issues are addressed through inspections and with the direct Supervisor.
6. Assist in correcting identified discrepancies as needed.
7. This position will require minor repairs and/or assembly of tools and equipment.
8. Work with various small power tools and hand tools.
9. This position requires handling metal components (bars, pipe, heads, etc…) with the use of mechanical and manual means (up to 75 pounds in push pull).
10. Requires accurate and detailed measuring methods to accomplish tasks.
11. Conduct routine and periodic audits and inspections as needed.
12. This position will require the review and/or completion of various safety and quality documents.
13. Additional responsibilities and tasks may be identified as directed by the Shift Supervisor.
14. Submits requests and recommendations for tool, equipment and material purchases to Department Lead.
15. This position is expected to submit recommendations for improving the current policies and procedures as they are identified and promote a positive work environment.

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