Veteran Career Guide

Step Number One: Do Not Do This Alone


The first day in boot camp you were assigned a battle buddy. You never went anywhere without your battle buddy. Throughout the rest of your military career you were with squads, platoons, units, and teams. You never did anything alone.

At the Lone Star Veterans Association we are big advocates of the team process to achieve any success and to win that great career. Using our Veteran Career Guide, you can apply these simple tips and resources to starting your career. While a lot of these are not great secrets and you may have heard of them before, they do work! Many of our veterans move from the unemployment line to the the employment track after networking and improving their skill sets. You don’t have to do these steps in any particular order, but it is a good idea to use any resource you have available.

Join The TOC and join Operation Career Battle Buddy Group

This online network will allow you to meet veterans who served just like you. The first step is to find your Career Battle Buddy and start motivating each other. There is no special class or certification to be a Career Battle Buddy, it’s about holding your fellow veteran accountable for their career search and listening to them motivate and encourage you. Join Today!

Make a profile on VetsList

You are already here and there is no reason you shouldn’t be networking and getting yourself out there. Remember, the more you make yourself visible, the better chance you will pop up on a recruiter’s radar. Create your profile.

Join other websites

We aren’t afraid to tell you about other great resources to start your career. There are many websites that have access to employers looking to hire veterans. Some of our recommendations are LinkedIn (be sure to join the LSVA LinkedIn group), Boots At Work (from our good friends at the Boot Campaign), WorkInTexas.com, and H2H.jobs (from the Hiring Our Heroes initiative).

Write A Resume

Then rip it up and write a new one. A resume can be a deal killer or a deal maker in the recruiting industry and should never be taken lightly. Post your resume on the Career Battle Buddy Group to get advice, send it to a buddy for editing, attend an LSVA Resume Writing Workshop, read online blogs about resume writing. Don’t know where to start? Check out ResumeEngine.org from Hiring Our Heroes. It can help you start a resume that will become a great resume.


It’s not what you know, but it’s who you know. Networking is learning how to sell yourself and how to connect to a career. LSVA has free Networking Workshops that will give you the skills to make those connections.

Attend Warrior For Life

Now that you have a resume and learned some networking skills, come on out to the Warrior For Life Career Networking Luncheon. Each month we host a free luncheon for veterans to connect to local employers. Having lunch with recruiters and managers gives you a chance to learn about a company and to talk to those employers about the skills and experience you have to offer. Be sure to RSVP early!

Stick to a schedule

Looking for a job is like having a job unto itself. Create a daily schedule that will keep you on task and moving toward a successful career. Mark down times that you will search for positions, apply to jobs, and call back recruiters.

Do not give up

Use your battle buddy network on The TOC. Come out and relax at an LSVA event. Go back to college and learn more skills. Everything you do to keep yourself moving forward will move you closer to the career you have always wanted.

Have more great ideas you would like to share? Let us know on The TOC.

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