What is VetsList?

VetsList is the career networking website for the Lone Star Veterans Association. LSVA is a Post 9/11 Veterans association in Houston, Texas. We are the largest Post 9/11 Veterans association in the state with more than 5,500 members and supporters.

660_veteransEach month, more service members leave the military and join the civilian world. Our goal at LSVA is to help them transition successfully from the military life to the civilian life. We are more than just a “job board”, we are a group of veterans who had problems with our own transition. Our motto is “We’ve Been There”, which goes beyond just military life and combat. It means that we too have had to struggle in the civilian world.

That is where VetsList succeeds. While we do have employers that post jobs, we invite those employers to come out to our career networking events. We host resume classes and workshops on how to perform during an interview. We have online support groups that you can share your stories and ideas. We have a network of veterans, just like you, that are going to work with you and be your team to succeed.

Marines march in 2011 NYC Veterans Day Parade

Remember, find a career is more than just sending out applications! It’s networking, connecting, educating yourself, and most importantly, it’s not doing it alone. Get connected and sign up today. Post your resume and starting job hunting. Come out to our career networking events and be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Like you, We’ve Been There.

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